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Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday Funday List: Top 10 Most Dramatic Characters

Hey everyone!

Sorry this is being posted on Monday, had a busy Sunday! But here is the latest Sunday Funday List. This week it is the Top 10 Most Dramatic Characters, compiled with help from Sarah! All sorts of drama are on this list: relationship drama, kingdom drama, full of themselves drama, etc. In no particular order (except for maybe the first two), here they are!

1. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Blair is an Upper Eastside princess. She lives in a glamorous home, with her designer mother and doting servants. Her goal is to snag a royal and live happily ever after. (The Blair in the TV show is pretty much the same, just add Chuck Bass). She is a scheming, lying, manipulative character, but there's something about her that you can't help but love. Maybe it's her vulnerability that she masks with the deceit, you feel bad for her. But the reason she's a contender for the top two most dramatic is the second anything goes wrong in her world, she loses it. She has to concoct a grand scheme to figure out and fix things, all while freaking out. Even the smallest of "infractions" can lead to a total meltdown. She's one of those characters where you can't wait to see what happens next. You love her, and sometimes hate her. But no one does the Upper Eastside like Blair Cornelia Waldorf.

2. Joffrey Baratheon from A Song of Ice and Fire
Joffrey Baratheon is the craziest teenage boy you'll ever meet. You thought the guys in high school were nuts. This kid has the power to do whatever he wants, and he wields it in a terrifying manner. How better to woo your betrothed than to show her her father's head on a pike? He's a little kid playing at a king. He doesn't know how to rule a kingdom and uses bluster and dramatics to get his way. He throws temper tantrums and pouts, which gets his mother to assist him in whatever he wants. Just like with Blair, it's his out of control schemes and reactions that gets him into the top two of this list. And I can only commend Jack Gleeson on his portrayal of this nut job on the TV show.

3. Bella Swan from Twilight
Bella falls under the relationship drama category. Holy. Crap. When I first read this I was in high school and I enjoyed it for what it was, didn't read too much into her obsession. But when I re-read it in college. Um. Whoa. Calm down there psycho, but for the record, Edward is just as dramatic. Watching a girl sleep by sneaking into her room at night? But I digress. Bella falls for the "bad boy", hard. She's super obsessed, especially when he leaves in the second book, to the point where she endangers her life to "see" him. Delusions are normal in high school relationships, right? Anyways, Bella is a great example to young girls of how to NOT behave in a relationship. Not everyone is as equally dramatic. Edward takes this all in surprisingly great stride, I guess after 100+ years you can accept some (or a lot of) crazy.

4. Quentin Coldwater from The Magicians
Quentin, at least in the first and some of the second novel, would fall into the full of themselves and kingdom drama. The last book falls into the kingdom drama and some relationship drama. Overall, Quentin is a dramatic person, but it's not really obnoxious, he's relatable. He's dramatic in a way that a lot of us are, but probably don't see. That's one reason I love this series, it's very real, even for fantasy novels. Before I go into the amazing-ness of this series (expect a review soon for The Magician's Land!), I'll move back to Quentin. Magic is his whole life and he wants nothing more than for Fillory, a fictional land, much like Narnia, to be real. Once Quentin learns of the world of magic, his life changes forever. Over the three novels we see Quentin grow, the series is a real coming of age story, and as he grows we see his priorities change. We see the focus of drama shift, much like it does in our own lives. You can't be mad at Quentin, even though you want to, while you read these books, since you know it is likely something you've done before yourself.

5. Lord Akeldama from The Parasol Protectorate
Lord Akeldama is a fabulous, rich vampire. He lives in a mansion and has a series of Drones at his service. He is always dressed to the nines and at any society function. He lives for the drama in this Steampunk society set in Victorian England. He always knows what is going on with anyone that is anyone in this society. He always shows up when you least expect him and is somehow always involved, even though you don't find out until the end. He's that friend that somehow knows everything that is happening, but manages to keep his nose clean. He is a hilarious character and his outfits are always spot on. And despite his kindness and quirky-ness, he is still a vampire and will not hesitate to do what he has to, with dramatic flair of course.

6. Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter
Rita Skeeter is an over the top, dramatic, gossip queen. You hate her, but at the same time can't get enough. She takes everyone's life stories and completely spins them in her own direction. All of her stories are larger than life and are not very accurate. She writes whatever she thinks will sell and make her a bigger name in journalism. She goes as far as to Transfigure herself into a lady bug to get information. If real life was actually like her stories, it would be enough to send anyone into a nervous breakdown. Thankfully she doesn't write our papers here...or does she? That would explain a lot...

7. Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby
Jay Gatsby has A LOT of drama, like...a lot. But the biggest, in my opinion, would be relationship drama. He's in love with a girl and throws extravagant parties on a regular basis, just hoping she'll show up, instead of just you know, contacting her. He gets involved with all the wrong people and gets in the middle of a messy relationship. He goes to these dramatic extremes to be the man he thinks Daisy wants him to be. He's not afraid of doing whatever, he thinks, it takes to get the girl. But without his extreme dramatic tendencies, this novel would not be the amazing story that it is. I think Jay represents a part of us that we have inside, but can't afford (literally and metaphorically) to let out.

8. Ali, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily from Pretty Little Liars
So I know this is 5 people, but I honestly can't pick one that is the most dramatic. Ali would probably win, but the other four sure have enough of their own. Their drama encompasses EVERYTHING. Relationships, school, full of themselves, all of it. One girl assists her sister's boyfriend in cheating on her. Another shop lifts jewelry from Tiffany's. The next one has an affair with her English teacher, while in high school. And this is just the beginning. Those even start to look trivial after awhile. These books and these five girls are so full of intrigue that you just want to know what will happen next. I can only imagine what the author will have to do to continue writing the series, which is in the double digits now. But I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait to find out.

9. Junior Rennie from Under the Dome
This kid is, almost, in a league of his own. He's up there with Joffrey Baratheon. He's just not right, which you learn RIGHT away.  This is a scary guy, and being locked into an impenetrable dome with him sounds horrid. He slowly devolves into even deeper madness and it's terrifying. He thinks his thoughts, his beliefs, his feelings are the only right ones. He will do whatever it takes to get his way. He also has a scary following, he can manipulate almost anyone into doing what he wants. His reactions to what occurs in the dome is dramatic and something that will stay with you long after you finish reading.

10. Jean Claude from Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter
Here we are, another vampire character, but he is 100% drama. He dresses in romance novel garb: white billowy shirts with tight black pants and has long, flowing hair. And he is obsessed with Anita. He will do whatever it takes to have her. Any opportunity he has to to tempt her, he'll try. He offers to assist her as to bring him closer to her. This is a far cry from the obsession that Bella has over Edward. This is more than just, oh I want the boy to like me. Sometimes it's a lot for the reader to handle, and a lot for Anita to handle (at least as far as I am in the series currently). He always shows up when you least expect him, and surprises you with his choice of actions. Living a life with Jean Claude would be endlessly surprising, but not necessarily always in a good way.

So there's my list! I know there are some more great dramatic characters out there, anyone you wish you had seen?

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