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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Calling (Darkness Rising #2) by Kelley Armstrong

Title: The Calling
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Type: Young Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi/Paranormal
Tea: Generic Green Tea; good, but something you've seen quite a few times before.
Rating: 3 out of 5.

While The Calling wasn't my favorite I couldn't give it below 3 stars. Too many books that I really didn't enjoy or had a hard time finishing get a 2 or 1, this one I actually read in a few days and didn't have to force myself to finish it. I had many similar issues with this one as I did with the first in the trilogy, The Gathering. I didn't write a review for it, but if you read this it'll pretty much be the same thing.

The only difference between the two was this book moved quicker than the first one, not necessarily to answers, but there was more action. Almost TOO much action. The first one was very slow paced, this one something was constantly happening to the point of confusion.

Literally every high school issue is jammed into this book: "I jumped to conclusions", "I got used by a boy, but oh wait! He actually likes me!", "Oh no, now I'm betrayed", "I don't know how I feel about my family", "ANGST!" Just WAY too much on every single page. I get books are supposed to relate to readers, but is it trying to relate to ALL of them at once?

One part that really made me mad is adults would not ignore or yell at kids as quickly as they do in this novel. It just wouldn't happen that way in the real world.

There's also A LOT of supernatural stuff shoved at you all at once and then it's just dropped for a while, then shoved at you again. And things you want to know (Serena's death) you hear barely anything about.

Overall just meh for me, which makes me sad since I love Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Underworld series. I think she does a much better job with adult paranormal, maybe because there's a better opportunity to fit all the information in.

What I'm interested in: Who killed Serena? Why?
What annoys me: Whining about Maya getting attention, whining about Maya and Daniel, big high school cliches, etc.

We'll see what the next one is like, but not expecting a whole big difference.


  1. i love your blog it's so unique and interesting to read!

    1. Hi Talie Anne! Thank you! :) That really means a lot! And thanks for visiting! Hope you continue too! :)