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Friday, November 15, 2013

Incubus by Carol Goodman/The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark

Title: Incubus (U.K.)/The Demon Lover (U.S.)
Author: Carol Goodman (U.K.)/Juliet Dark (U.S.)
Type: Adult Fiction
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Erotica/PNR/UF
Tea: Chai tea, it holds you in its warm grasp and has an extra zing to it.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

Oh my, Carol Goodman can you do no wrong? Incubus, also published as The Demon Lover under the pen name Juliet Dark, is fantastic. This is a new spin on Ms. Goodman's repertoire of fiction novels. Most of her novels deal with fairy tales and reference them, but in Incubus the fairy tales are brought to life. And thank goodness this novel isn't a standalone. I just need to get my hands on the next one!

Callileach (Kay-lex) McFay, or better known as Callie, is a new professor at a small private school in upper New York, where many of Ms. Goodman's tales take place. This setting is fantastic for her stories. There is a mystery around the towns and a magical quality that is hard to find anywhere else. I want to visit someday and just imagine I'm in one of her fabulous worlds.

This novel is a very interesting take on Faerie as well as an interesting take on relationships. You can't help but to relate to this novel in one way or another. She also has great back stories that I hope will be talked about more in the next novel! While I figured out some of the plot twists fairly "early" Ms. Goodman managed to keep me second guessing myself, so I was never 100% sure what was going on.

I'd also love to see her write as Dahlia LaMotte! Those sections of the book made me want to read the whole "real book."

If you are a Carol Goodman fan, and even if you're not, I highly recommend this novel!

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