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Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been lagging behind, this fall has been a busy one!

I just posted a review for Conversion by Katherine Howe and I have reviews for about six more YA novels in their way! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

I will also be starting my usual Sunday Funday Lists and Humpday Spotlight Novels again! Be ready for those!

I have also started posting at The Founding Fields under the name Lady Salvatore. I have two reviews up there, please check them out:

The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman
"Lady Salvatore got one of her greatest wishes:
an advanced copy of
The Magician’s Land,
the final book in a trilogy by Lev Grossman.

“Lev Grossman ties up his spellbinding The Magicians trilogy in a manner worthy of the highest praise!” – Lady Salvatore, The Founding Fields"

Abroad by Katie Crouch
"Lady Salvatore reads and reviews
her first novel for TFF! Check out her
debut review of Abroad by Katie Crouch.

“Katie Crouch gives readers an intriguing mystery in Abroad. I couldn’t put it down!”- Lady Salvatore, The Founding Fields"

Hope you all have been doing well and looking forward to sharing all the new and exciting posts with you!

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